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At Baker Milligan, we pride ourselves on adding more value to our client’s business than what it costs to take advantage of our services. Our range of exceptional accounting solutions provide accurate up to the minute data on a 24/7 basis and give you back the freedom and peace of mind to do what you do best – run your business.

Some of Our Accounting Services Include:


Our all-inclusive, cloud-based solution offers business owners relief from day-to-day accounting hassles by enabling you to outsource this work to our team of professionals. Includes: bookkeeping, payroll and managing AP.

Tax Preparation and Compliance

We are diligent about remaining up-to-date on the changing tax laws and will examine all of the tax-saving opportunities available to you. We are committed to minimizing your tax liabilities and maximizing your future opportunities.

Tax Planning and Minimization Strategies

We know one of your top priorities is paying less in taxes. We work with you throughout the year to develop a customized plan with tax-saving strategies that are tailored to your unique situation

Research and Development Credits

Developing new products may qualify for tax credits that provide significant tax savings. Our team can help determine if you qualify and maximize your return from investment in new products.

Business Valuation

Understanding the value of your business can be critical, especially in developing an exit strategy or for the sale of your business. Our team works with you to get a professional appraisal of what your business may be worth, so that you have peace of mind and  negotiate from a position of strength.

Compilations and Prepared Financial Statements

Consistent financial reporting starts with consistency in presentation and comparability. Our team will prepare your compiled or prepared financial statements so that comparative analysis can be performed to improve your business and achieve your goals.

Cash Flow Management

Cash is King! You can have a profitable business and run out of cash. Our team makes sure you see the shortfalls before they happen and take appropriate action to mitigate problems such as not being able to pay vendors or coming up short on payroll.

Debt Management

Analyzing your debt repayment plan and maximizing your use of cash can be key to debt management. We have worked with lenders and have experience restructuring debt, refinancing current debt, and negotiating new loans to minimize borrowing costs and maximize bottom line profits.

Debt Management

Analyzing your debt repayment plan and maximizing your use of cash can be key to…

Business Valuation

Understanding the value of your business can be critical, especially in developing an exit strategy…

Why Choose Baker Milligan For Your Accounting

You and your staff can experience exponential time savings when you outsource your accounting and free yourself from time-draining, highly complex compliance work— time better spent with your customers.

Our team not only offers decades of accounting expertise, but also extensive experience serving specific industries including: Agriculture, Craft Brewery, Dental, Legal, Medical, and more.

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Year-Round Expert Accounting Support

Our expert team serves as your “internal” accounting department, handling everything from accounting and bookkeeping to payroll and tax.

Cost-Effective Fixed Monthly Fee

Never have to worry about hours adding up and variance in monthly accounting invoices. We find that many clients experience a 50% reduction in costs

On-Demand Access To Your Data

Our advanced online platform allows us to handle your accounting work remotely and provides you with a 24/7 connection to our expert team of CPAs and bookkeepers.

Unmatched Security

Our cloud based accounting solution offers a third-party administrator (our firm) to monitor and manage all accounting functions— resolving the issue of data privacy.

Accountant in in Monticello
Accountant in in Monticello

Meet The Financial Experts In Your Corner

At Baker Milligan, our team of professionals is still the firm’s most important resource.

Our employees’ passion for supporting the success of our clients and their commitment to finding innovative and proactive solutions, allows us to provide a superior level of customer centered service.

An Accounting Team That Understands Your Business Passion

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