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Living OFFline: Tips on balancing work and your personal life

September 27, 2017

It’s no surprise that business owners spend a great deal of time on their computers and mobile devices. In today’s technology-driven work world, it’s inevitable. With the ease of connectivity, it’s hard to get away from the office and truly live offline, even for short bursts of time. So much so that our work lives tend to infiltrate our personal lives more and more—creating an unhealthy balance between business and your personal down time.

Everyone needs time away from the grind to properly reenergize, which is why taking time off of work and remaining unplugged while you’re out is important. Here are a few suggestions to help you live out of the office and offline more often.

  • Be your own caretaker. We often tell ourselves that we are too busy to eat right, work out, or take a vacation. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Stop once and a while to remind yourself to be a better caretaker to yourself. Then plan that long weekend away from the office and offline.

  • Make time for nature. Let’s face it; when we’re working and glued to our devices, we’re generally being sedentary and unengaged with the world around us. Schedule a daily walk into your calendar, and if you can, take your dog or kids with you. Getting out in nature can help balance you and your life.

  • Reconnect with relatives. Planning time away with family is critical to maintain work-life balance. Make it a point to reconnect with relatives you don’t see very often and plan a family vacation. Sometimes the lure of reconnecting with your kin, catching up over home-cooked meals, and conversations about “the good old days” are motivation to get away and stay offline.

  • Do nothing. Part of the allure of the internet is the ease of working from anywhere. However, remind yourself that there’s nothing wrong with doing nothing. When you have those quiet moments, stay offline and just relax. Be mindful that being still with life now and again is healthy!

There’s no doubt that the internet has transformed our businesses and our lives. However, like most things, balance is the key. Take time daily—or at least weekly—to do some of the activities suggested above or to incorporate some of your own favorite offline pursuits. Chances are, you’ll find that doing so will improve the overall quality of your life.

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